KLT Construction

Structural engineering, civil engineering and renovation, KLT realizes demanding construction and redevelopment projects, from the construction of complex industrial properties to the entire spectrum of civil engineering. Besides KLT as a general contractor is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and the communication of information to all involved parties throughout the course of a building project.

We offer a complete range of construction services in any stage of your construction projects. Single source construction with KLT Construction using a Team/Build, Design/Build or Turn-key approach provides every owner with an appropriate construction solution, on schedule and on budget. Whether you’re looking to expand, renovate, or build a new project from scratch, the experts at KLT Construction can help you every step of the way. We’re happy to assist you in the planning phase of your next project or to offer our professional advice on your existing plans.

KLT Construction believes there is more to value than just the lowest price. Value means providing our clients with the highest quality product for the most economical price. When you choose KLT Construction, your concerns about the quality of the materials and workmanship of your facility are eliminated. As the single source of accountability, we provides you with the appropriate building solution that fits your exacting requirements.


Our construction management success is largely a result of what we contribute and accomplish during preconstruction. The KLT’s preconstruction model is a comprehensive and collaborative “building-team” process, initiated at project conception, and executed throughout the design phase. The program enables our team to provide cost and schedule certainty, value driven building solutions, a high level of facility/ building performance, and ultimately, enhanced customer satisfaction.


KLT employs Building Data Modeling (BDM) to advance traditional two-dimensional design into a collaborative, comprehensive model providing team members with layers of information to aid in the design and construction process.

BDM aids collaboration with our clients, architectural partners and major subcontractors by providing enhanced visualization and a greater understanding of building flow and operations. As a result, BDM enhances our ability to contain costs, accelerate schedule, and ensure quality throughout the design and construction process.


Throughout the preconstruction process, we always take into account constructability of all the building elements, and we work directly with the design team to perform constructability reviews. Our staff has unique knowledge of building that only comes from hands-on experience. Because KLT is a builder as well as a manager, we know the most efficient means and methods to build your project.


KLT understands that delivering a project within budget is one of the keys to its success. KLT’s seasoned estimating and project management staff will ensure that you have the project-specific cost information, reviews and recommendations needed to thoughtfully evaluate design options while maximizing your budget. As a result, our cost certainty program provides a total cost model that has proven to deliver economically significant our initial cost estimate.


The Design Assist approach produces a “best value designed” building with lower life-cycle costs and a sensible payback period. Collaboration with all team members begins during the conceptual phase and continues throughout design, construction and commissioning.


KLT strives to provide opportunities for minority, women and local owned businesses on every project, and we strive to exceed our client’s inclusion goals on every project. Every project team is empowered to create unique and innovative programs to enhance your purchasing initiatives. Our staff’s involvement in local, community and regional trade and diversity associations aids us in achieving your goals.


We are constantly striving to provide our clients with the most comprehensive information available to make informed decisions about their investments. In the evaluation of systems and strategies, energy modeling allows us to take our standard value analysis a step further by incorporating information on energy savings over time.


Our in-house estimating staff brings years of hands-on building experience and includes mechanical and electrical professionals ensuring knowledgeable, reliable estimates from which can base your critical planning and decision making. Integrated into our estimating procedures will be all value engineering and constructability considerations developed by the project team. From schematic design to design development and contract documents, KLT provides a unique and accurate estimate for your project, giving you the ability to make informed decisions.


We focus on developing a comprehensive and achievable schedule which can be used as an accurate planning tool for the life of your project. Our on-site project team goes to great lengths to ensure schedules are met and coordinated with your business operations.


Our Value Analysis process has one primary objective – maximizing the value of every dollar you spend. This strategic analysis takes into account a plethora of factors for each proposed item to create a complete picture of the savings and costs associated with each. This is all presented to you in a clear, categorized matrix to give you the information you need to make critical decisions about your project.


While commissioning is typically used in analyzing and monitoring the mechanical and electrical system, KLT recognizes the advantage of utilizing this in-depth process to ensure quality and functionality in the building envelope system as well.


We take a very detailed analysis of your day-to-day operations to minimize disruption to your operations. Over the years, we have learned what is most important in various specific environments. From minimizing disruptions, to keeping you safe, we will work to ensure our schedule revolves around yours, and not the other way around.


Lean techniques streamline the construction process to eliminate waste and deliver efficiency. Often, the schedule can be accelerated through minimizing inefficient breaks and downtime, and costs can be lowered by minimizing subcontractors’ time onsite and maximizing their productivity.


KLT can assist you in producing an environmentally responsible building with optimal energy efficiency and lower life cycle costs. By establishing high-performance and environmental goals, as well as baseline measurements, and identifying applicable practices and strategies, we can document progress levels and determine the required documentation to achieve your project goals.


With equipment often coming from numerous vendors on varying timelines, and commonly converging at the end of the project, the planning, coordination and management of equipment is often a full time job on large projects. Our 6-Step Equipment Management Program covers every step of the equipment coordination process, from procurement to delivery management. An emphasis is placed on seamless integration of the equipment logistics with the construction schedule to save money and minimize inefficiencies.


On a number of our larger projects, we utilize KLT field management program to increase efficiency, quality and coordination between all major parties involved. What has been previously done essentially twice, once on paper onsite and again logged into program in the trailer, is done one time onsite and is immediately updated in real time for all relevant parties.


Safety Policies and Procedures Program has been developed by the KLT Safety Staff and Senior Management, continually improved by the workforce, and time tested through our partnership with Operation Safety Education and Best Practices Sharing underscoring the purpose of our overall safety process. Through heightened awareness, our motto is “Safety First” in any stage of the project service.