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Who We Are

We are a privately owned multidisciplinary construction services company with a proud history of projects that commenced in Ankara, Turkey in 1991. We operate in Turkey, West Africa, Iraq and Russia.

KLT International Construction Energy Industry and Trade Inc. has been founded in Ankara, Turkey. 1991. And provides diversified professional services in the fields of electric/electronics, telecommunication, healthcare, renewable energy, agriculture and various scopes of medium to large scale construction projects including industrials.

Since its founded, KLT has been acting as a Group of Companies to provide services of much better quality and size, with the contribution of the rightful achievements and experiences it has gained in order to meet the diversified customer expectations over time.

As a multi-disciplinary firm that offers high quality service and world class standards projects to meet the requirements and needs. We provide diversified service in the main fields of design, engineering, construction, contracting, consulting and financing with unique EPC capability together with our local and international partners .

Our offer covers the whole value chain, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. With a presence in many countries, the KLT develops its business activities based on the desire to contribute to economic and social development in the communities in which it operates.

We describe ourselves as focused on practical and simple solution, innovative, dynamic, 

enthusiastic, advanced technology pursuant in our profession and most importantly being placed so close to our final clients and their various requirements. We strongly believe that fullclient satisfaction can only be achieved following such a path that we are currently running. Our main target is gaining new experences to offer through our clients with continuously improving services.

Long since from initial levels of our foundation, we have been implementing our key model in our business which combines the organization’s growing know-how by the contribution of chellenges we face with and preferable solution approachs for dynamic market requirements. Hence, we consider as each new opportunity as another challenge to gain new experience, mprove our know-how and as a goal to be develop new strategies to meet continually growing market requirements.

We are an experienced and respected company in the international construction, healthcare and energy business.