KLT Engineering

KLT believe in project value, and that’s not just the lowest price facility. It needs more than that. That’s why we follow a value engineering process from the beginning.

Our first step is to get to know the project so we can best understand how project needs to function. We think of ways we can make project or daily activities more efficient through the design. Then, we look at project budget and schedule to determine the approach that best meets those requirements. We consider the products that are affordable, yet durable to find a solution that works for client.

We rely on advanced technology to deliver engineering and construction projects to our customers. Technology speeds schedules, lowers costs, and ensures quality.

KLT Engineering team provide professional service with application of mathematics, science, economics, empirical evidence, social, and practical knowledge to invent, innovate, design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures for our clients.

Our Engineering department service includes:

Plane Surveying

Construction Surveying

Structural Analysis and Design

Electrical and Mechanical works

Soils & Testing

Construction Materials

Concrete Testing

Civil Works


Concurrently, our services then moves into technical construction topics such as:

Construction Administration and Organization

Construction Documents

Scheduling and Optimization

Building Methods and Equipment


Environmental works